Acer Aspire E


Aspire E Series
Aspire E Series laptops are great choices for everyday users, with lots of appealing options and an attractive design that exceed expectations. With many enhanced components, color choices, and a textured metallic finish, the Aspire E makes everyday better.

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1. Specifications may vary depending on region and/or model.
2. Battery life varies depending on power settings and usage.
* Available date is subject to Microsoft’s official announcement. For more information, visit

Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Aspire E5-475G-59CB (GREY), Aspire E5-475G-79YG (GREY), Aspire E5-575G-58J2 (BLACK), Aspire E5-575G 58VL (BLACK), Aspire E5-575G-78QR (BLACK), Aspire E5-575G 79HK (BLACK)


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