Acer Swift 7


Ultrathin doesn’t mean compromising on capabilities.

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A Laptop of Ultrathin Proportions

This laptop pushes thin to the limit.

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Uncompromised Usability

Ultrathin doesn’t mean compromising on capabilities.

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Good Design 2016 - Award

1. Based on a July 1, 2016 comparison of Windows OS and OSX clamshell laptops that were available on the market.
2. Battery life varies depending on power settings and usage.
3. To achieve optimal performance, both the transmitter and receiver must support MU-MIMO. The claim of up to 3 times faster transmission speed is based on scenarios where the wireless AP supports 4 MU streams.
4. One of the two USB Type-C ports supports power delivery, display output and data transfers, while the other port only supports power delivery and data transfers.

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Swift SF713-51-M2W5, Swift SF713-51-M9HV


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