Web Development Protocol

Phase 1 – Initiation 

Project Briefing

Client Provide Details:

  • Domain details
  • Website requirements
  • Payment Deposit


Initial Content

Client Provide Details:

  • Website content (all content website text to be sent in Words Doc before development starts)
  • Design preferences (including example websites)
  • Menu structure and sitemap
  • All images to be used throughout the whole process (including Logo & Favcon)


Initial Development

Web Developer will provide:

  • Setup of initial website
  • Design of website
  • Add given content
  • Send Demo link to client


Phase 2 – Customizing

Content Changes

Client Provide Details:

  • Words Doc of all Content changes to be made (text & images)
  • Words Doc of all Style changes to be made (colors, spaces, font size, positions)


Midway Amendment

At This Point you should be aware that one set of changes is included in the quote, so please be sure to list all your content and style changes in this document. In the final tuning section you will be given the opportunity to make 5 more small changes at no extra cost.


Midway Development

Web Developer will provide:

  • Make the requested changes and notify the client when done



Phase 3 – Final Tuning


Small Changes

Client Provide Details:

  • Words Doc of small changes to be made at the final point (e.g change home text from x to y, changes button color from black to cyan)


Final Development

Web Developer will provide:

  • Implement the final changes to he website
  • Make the website live on the actual website address
  • Submit the website to search engines for indexing


Final Payment

Client Provide Details:

  • The balance Payment of the project


Web Services & Add-on

Individual / Team-based Website Training

We provide individual / team-based website training that for those that would like to maintain their website themselves. The course content changes depending on the complexity of the website and the skill level of the individual. Training sessions are held on-site with the client using their own computers to ensure familiarity.


Social Media Sharing

Suited for websites where visitors are able to share the content manually on their own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ walls. This helps with distribution of your content to a wider audience while also helping your website ranking with search engines like Google. This section is usually implemented on websites with regular blog / news articles and is a great way to push content through to your captive audience.


Search Engine Optimisation

By default we build our websites to be as search engine friendly as possible. A big aspect of of search engine optimisation, however, is the quality of the content on the website. With our search engine optimisation tools, you will be able to scan your content to make sure it’s as optimised as possible. This will aid in your efforts to get a good ranking on the search engine’s result pages. For more detail click here.